Hand Clap

> = Trig

> = Accent or Velocity (from D/A)

> = Noise


This sound uses almost the same circuit as the well known TR-808. It’s based on white noise (> from the common noise generator) which is band-pass filtered by IC26b and associated RC’s (part 1) to get the right sound for simulation. The filtered noise is divided into two parts. The first part passes through a VCA (IC 30, see part 2) which is controlled by a special envelope (ENV-1 see part 3) after TRIG (>) is applied . This envelope is the main feature of this circuit. It simulates clapping of several hands. Basically it consists of four attack-decay envelopes (Opamps a-d in part 3), where finishing the first starts the second an so on.

The second part also passes through a VCA (Q37, see part 4), which is controlled by a simple envelope (part 5). This part produces the atmospheric background sound of the instrument. It sounds like a reverb.

Both parts are mixed and amplified by IC28a (part 6) to provide level control.


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