TR-909 vs XBase 09


Which one is the better 9o9??



Well, it's not very easy to compare both machines. I think Jomox didn't want to create a second 9o9 (that's impossible anyway until there's no Roland-Logo on it - sorry). But they built a very kewl machine based on 9o9-circuits and believe me, it sounds so phatt that it can be used for Drum'n'Bass subbasses or other kind of low bass-sounds (down to 25 Hz!!). It's not only possible to reproduce original 9o9-sounds, there is rather such a wide range of sounds you can pull out of it, wow!!!

But I don't want to make one more review. Every big music-magazine has tested this machine in the past and everybody was happy with it.

So I just give you some pros and cons on both machines and let you decide.




-ANALOG (except HiHats and Cymbals, but they are 6-Bit)


-look's very nice and has large space for stickers

-very good mechanical stability (looks like plastic but it's metal)

-Trigger out

-10 individual outputs

-internal PSU



-hard to find (there are only about 10000 9o9's on this planet, most occupied by commercial goofs who don't use the internal sequencer!!)

-still expensive

-sound-values cannot be programmed in the sequencer

-cannot change from play-mode to write mode and vice versa while sequencer is running






-cheaper than a 9o9

-same 9o9-circuits

-can program parameter-values on each step (for me the best feature on this machine)

-very good stability too

-nice too and very compact

-very wide range of sounds possible, can sound much phatter than a 9o9

-more parameters on every instrument and extended parameter-ranges comparing to the original


-can do everything while sequencer is running, even f**k it



-only 3 voice polyphony (not a real problem because of the ability to let you program the parameter-values on each step)

-no trigger out

-external PSU

-Tom's haven't been implemented, Rim and Clap only samples



The best way is to buy both machines. When you combine riddims of them, you will get a superb base for your trax. It's rather possible to make kewl trax with only these two devices. Check Ive produced 4 tracks which only used these two machines plus some FX. Anyways, don't forget: If you are using a software sequencer and if your studio is full of Akai S3000's (there are some stupid persons who own more than 10(!) of them) and other kind of digital waste ;-), forget everything is said on this page. You won't be very happy neither with the TR-909 nor the XBase-09. Better buy an AirBase 99, a Drumstation (nice machine too, but no internal sequencer), Rebirth 2.0 (nice too, but only software) or one more S3000.


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